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Evolution of mankind has come up with many changes on the way things are done from the simplest chores in the homestead to wonders of the industry revolution. Technological advancement came up with mange advantages such as employment, maximum utilization of the resources in the environment among other. Therefore, people got the urge to raise their children in a family set up; in this case, they built or rented self-contained houses to meet their required designs. Moreover, there was another need that required people to feel about their houses with home appliances, to make the house more presentable and attractive.


The urgency of home appliances comes in to bring out the success and modern overview of the house, furthermore one need to be more vigilant on the small home appliances. With the modern technology, small home appliances have been modernized to make the work easier for the homemakers in the various house chores. Taking a good example of large coffee maker simplifies the tedious work of making coffee; it also comes with a good impression to visitors who may have a different opinion. Considering the amount of time saved while using these appliances, their use can be considered as the best option towards productivity.


Many manufacturers of these small home appliances have realized the urge of environmental conservation, moreover, manufacturing appliances that are effective and efficient. Nevertheless, when purchasing home appliances one is advised to consult widely from the local manufacturer on the newest appliances that conserve energy with minimal harm to the environment. Friends and relatives who have used these appliances are considered a good source of information, where one can make an informed decision on the best appliances. Women are considered as homemakers; in this case, they spend most of the time indoors.


Development of various appliances to be used in the house came as a reliever to many women who spend most of their productive time in the house. The time spends on making a fruit juice manually, was replaced by an excellent waffle where in a matter of seconds one is able to get perfect results. People have come to embrace the use of various home appliances that make work easier, hence increase the productivity of people in other areas of development. The final remarks are that development of small home appliance does not eliminate or completely minimize the time spend on various house chores, but also there is an increase in consumption rate in the larger population that make the whole process not a complete success.